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    Bespoke Products Quotations

    Bespoke Products and Quotations

    If you require a bespoke product please let us know, We may be able to tailor a standard product to match your requirements or we can design from the ground up as required.
    If you require a quotation that is no problem, we are always happy to quote.
    Typical bespoke items:
    • Lockers
    • Containers
    • Racking
    • Mobile Racks
    • Trolleys
    • Signs and Labels
    • Productine Workbenches

    An example of bespoke stainless steel mobile pallet base for Dolav pallet boxes, we call this the flying carpet design as the dolav pallet box appears to float 20mm above the floor. Designed for limited height application in a food factory.


    Another couple of examples of bespoke container dollys, one is designed with 25mm castors for storage below a first shelf, the other is designed for rough terrain with 250mm diameter wheels- originally designed for equipment movement at festivals.

    Product Finder and Sourcing

    If you need help finding a product or matching an existing product we should be able to help.  If you can send a couple of pictures of the product and a brief description thats a good place to start.
    Typical Finding & Sourcing:
    • Matching lockers
    • Replacement keys
    • Matching pallet racking
    • Pallet Boxes
    • Matching shelving systems

    Within this catalogue there are approx 8500 products but we supply a much wider range, its only possible to show the 'key' products from each manufacturer, so its always worth asking if you cannot find a product on our site.

    We supply and souce PALLET RACKING SYSTEMS:
    There are many different types of pallet racking available in the UK and Europe, when we last counted there were approximety 70 different systems or versions, some of which no longer comply with industry standards and are discontinued.  If you send us images of your product we should be able to identify the system.
    The following is a quick list of known systems:
    Apex UK8 UK12 UK16 UK20,  Apex Linvar,  Acrow,  AR Sistemas,  Arestant System 88, Arestant System XS,  Armes,  Barrett Safelock, Barton Bartrak,  Bito,  BLS City,  Buckhorn Series 88,  Cornix,  Colourline,  Dexion Speedlock Mk3 R M H E S,  Dexion P90 P90+,  Dexion P100,  Dexion P120,  EAB Alpha, EAB Omega,  Esmena M74 M84 M94 M610 M615 M620 M625 M630 M635 M640 M655,  Esnova, Euromech,  Electrolux Lux83,  Feralco Titan,  Finspar,  GS Scaffalature,  GS Master 70 100 130,  Hilo Rackplan,  Hilo Premierack,  Jungheinrich,  Kimer,  Kasten,  Linpac Storage,  Link68,  Link51 XL Palletstor MM HH EE SS,  Mecalux,  Meta,  Metalsystem Unipal,  Moresecure,  Nedcon,  Nordverk-M80,  Orient,  Palletstor,  Polypal,  Provost prorack propal,  Planned Storage Systems PSS P85,  PSS M,  PSS Stronglock 2K85,  Ramada,  Redirack SD,  Redirack HD,  Sperrin,  SSI Schaefer,  Schulte Largertechnik, Stakapal SR1000 SR2000,  Storax SP80 SP115,  Stow,  Symo,  Syspal,  TMR Bingham,  Topregal,  Torri PN80 100 120,  Travhydro,  Weland  
    (This list does not include all variations or 50 + American & Canadian systems which we do see on very odd occasions.)